Energy efficiency А+++

Energy efficiency  А+++

Energy efficiency is the effective (rational) use of energy resources. Use less energy to provide the same level of energy supply to buildings or manufacturing processes.

For the population it is a significant reduction in utility costs, for the country - saving resources, increasing industrial productivity and competitiveness, for the environment - limiting the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, for energy companies - reducing fuel costs and unjustified spending on construction.

Energy-saving and energy-efficient devices are, in particular, systems for supplying heat, ventilation, electricity when a person is in the room and stopping the given feed in his absence.

According to the Directives of the EU Energy and Transport Commission (92/75 / CEE, 94/2 / CE, 95/12 / CE, 96/89 / CE, 2003/66 / CE, and others), most household products must have a label energy efficiency of the EU - DIRECTIVE 2009/125 / EC, clearly showing the main consumer properties of the product. Energy efficiency is indicated by classes - from A to G. Class A has the lowest energy consumption, G is least effective. The label also gives other useful information to the customer, helping to choose between different models. Also this information should be given in catalogs and posted by Internet sellers on their websites.

Since 2010, the new Directive on Labeling Energy Efficiency No. 2010/30 / EC has come into force. The new Directive covers not only household products, but extends the scope of regulation to industrial and commercial appliances and equipment, as well as to products that do not consume energy themselves, but can have a significant direct or indirect effect on its economy (eg, building and building envelope structures ).


Energy labels are divided into at least four categories:
- Parts of the device: depending on the device, certain parts, model and its materials
- Energy efficiency class: The color code associated with the letter designation (A to G), which gives a general idea of ​​the energy consumption of the device.
- Consumption, efficiency, capacity, etc.: information on the type of device is given.
- Noise: the noise emitted by the instrument is indicated in decibels.

For air conditioners, the marking is only applied to appliances with a power of less than 12 kW.

Each label indicates:

  •     model;
  •     category of energy efficiency from A to G;
  •     annual energy consumption (maximum load of 500 hours per year);
  •     cooling, produced at maximum load, in kW;
  •     the ratio of the energy efficiency to the cooling capacity at the maximum load;
  •     type of device (only cooling, cooling / heating);
  •     method of cooling (gas or coolant);
  •     Noise level;

For air conditioners with heating, the following must also be indicated:

  •     intensity of heating in kW;
  •     Energy efficiency of heating;