Portable AC

Produced as a monoblock, which has all the components to work. When operating in cooling, dehumidification is necessary to deduce the street (through the window, ventkanal, hole in the wall) socket-outlet duct heated air compressor used for cooling internal (indoor) air.

This type of air conditioner is used in areas where it is difficult, is not profitable to install a split system or air conditioning is required periodically transported from place to place - for example, from the office to your home or cottage. Because of the low power such hard-conditioned rooms equipped with great shops and restaurants, as well as - as the compressor is mounted directly in the body - the noise level compared to the split-systems is significantly higher.



Mobile conditioners Midea series MPPD - feature a stylish design, easy operation, remote control and small size through the use of technology Singler-Up (without condensate disposal capacity). For operation is required to organize the removal of hot air out of the window or ventkanal by plastic hinged duct, which is included in the package.

In this section are those models and a series of equipment, the production of which is now complete, stocks ended and supply of this equipment in the future is impossible.