Archive of a Monoblocks with air heat extraction

Competitive proposals Midea and the desire to bring to market a new series of equipment leads to a periodic change in the lineup of a product.

In this section are those models and a series of equipment, the production of which is now complete, stocks ended and supply of this equipment in the future is impossible.


Heated water in the pool.

One of the most important elements of the pool is the water heating system. A pool heat pump solves this problem once and for all. Indeed, you must agree that it is not rational to invest in the construction of the pool and not to use all its opportunities. In the absence of water heating, you knowingly reduce the time of active use of the pool.

The principle of operation of a conventional air conditioner is based on the fact that, in cooling mode, the refrigerant boiling in the evaporator of the indoor unit of the air conditioner absorbs the heat of the room air and transfers it to the condenser of the outdoor unit, where, when condensing the refrigerant, it is heated and transferred to the environment.

Is a composite device combining air Cooled Condenser the compressor and the evaporator (as in a window air conditioner), which heats the water in the tank-boiler, which in turn, provides an additional electric heater (heater) and ports for connecting a second circuit to indirectly exchange ( for example, through the solar panel).