Wall-mounted fan coils

Series wall fan coil Midea developed in accordance with European standards. Meet the most stringent quality standards. Produced from components passed multistage quality control. Lineup from 2.2 to 4.56 kW.

The body is made of high quality plastic. Built into the body of the 3-way valve - simplifies the process of installing the fan coil unit. The unit's air filter class G2 (dust) and the kit includes a wireless remote control. You can complete the optional board for addressing the central government.

Fan coil units consist of a plastic housing, a highly efficient heat exchanger, fan, poddoa condensate, terminal block for switching. The use of high-quality fan ensures low noise unit.

Easy installation and maintenance work. Copper tubes and aluminum fins of a heat exchanger with a hydrophilic coated aluminum.


Features of the blocks in this series:

  • Built-in 3-way valve;
  • The evaporator uses a special plate structure, which increases the efficiency of heat exchange;
  • IR remote control in the package;
  • The front panel is convenient for cleaning and access to internal components;
  • 2 directions for connection of water pipelines (right and left).