For swimming pools

Camym effective way to heat or cool the water in the pool or the small size of the font (in a private house, bath, sauna) is a variant of the use of air-water heat pump specialist. Monoblocks Midea pool available in 4 sizes, equipped with a built-in control unit, can optionally be equipped with a wired remote control with room. The main distinction from other types of hydraulic outdoor units in this series is the use of the heat exchanger "Freon-water" titanium-coated internal surface, which actively resists corrosion and damage from conventional chlorination and other types of chemical treatment of the water basin.


Heated water in the pool.

One of the most important elements of the pool is the water heating system. A pool heat pump solves this problem once and for all. Indeed, you must agree that it is not rational to invest in the construction of the pool and not to use all its opportunities. In the absence of water heating, you knowingly reduce the time of active use of the pool.