Optional units of air-source heat pumps

As optional and additional units, at Module-Therma HPWH system, you can connect:

  • Boiler (water tank) for hot water preparation for domestic hot water. Is connected to the hydraulic kit. equipped with an electric heater 3 kW. Also supports the heating boiler water by means of solar panels. Please check for these devices into Local market.
  • Connection kit for solar panels. Allows you to use as an additional heat source solar energy accumulated in solar panels (or other types of collectors, boilers, heaters)


Boiler-accumulator of indirect heat exchange, is structurally a heat-insulated tank with one or more heat exchangers built-in. To heat the water, the hot heat carrier from the heat pump, boiler, solar collector or other source is sent to heat the boiler. Such water heaters have many varieties (with several heat exchangers, with a built-in TEEN, etc.) and make the heating system flexible and economical.

Main advantages:

The purpose of the solar collector is to convert solar energy into heat. The rays are absorbed by the absorber, which heats the coolant inside the collector tubes. Then the heated coolant enters the heat exchanger, where heat is transferred from one coolant to another, which in turn allows it to be transferred to consumers.

Solar collectors are used in water heating (DHW), for the production of industrial heat, as well as in heating systems.