Network Controllers and Gateways for VRF


The KNX Gateway allows full integration of Midea VRF systems with building management systems based on the KNX network communication protocol.

KNX is the only global standard for building control and has been adopted by 70% of the European smart home market.

One KNX gateway is used for one indoor unitT

he gateway connects to the D1-D2-E ports of the indoor unit.

The GW-LON(A) Gateway is designed in accordance with the LonMark standard.

Using the gateway allows up to 32 indoor units to be connected to the building management system.

A non-polar connection is used.

Allows you to integrate central air conditioning systems into a building management system (BMS) using the Modbus protocol.

Supports up to 64 indoor units and 8 VRF systems.

Two connection options: Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU.

Gateway IMMP-BAC(A) Includes 4 groups of RS-485 communication ports and supports connection of up to 256 indoor units and 32 VRF systems via control system building.

The IMMP-BAC(A) gateway connects directly to the main outdoor unit to X-Y-E or K1-K2-E ports.

Compatible with integral control system.

The CCM15 data converter converts the protocol used in the Midea VRF control system to the Internet protocol IP. CCM15 provides access to remote control of VRF systems using a smartphone or computer through the Midea cloud server. After installing the control program, a clear and easy-to-use interface appears on the screen of the selected terminal. One converter provides access to 64 indoor units. The application supports up to 10 CCM15 units, the total number of VRF systems controlled up to 80, indoor units up to 640. Almost complete systems management is possible.