Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems are one of the main types of engineering networks of buildings and structures, normal ventilation (supply and exhaust air) provides comfort, health and life-still for  people, contributes to the normal operation of the equipment. Ventilation rates for different types of premises normalized according local laws and standarts, should be provided by ventilation, calculation and selection are engaged in specialized professionals and companies.

Supply and exhaust units are intended for use in ventilation systems and partly as components of air heating in industry and civil construction. Midea suspended supply and exhaust units are supplied in the capacity range of 200-800 cubic meters per hour, use outdoor air that is heated or cooled by passing through a plate recuperator made of multi-layer varnished paper. Air heating can be done with the help of a built-in or remote electric heater, which must be turned on for additional heating in the winter period.

Air-Supply unit - the kind of ventilation system, which is used to force fresh air into the room. Provides control of the amount of forced air, clean it from dirt and various impurities.

Installations of this type are used in ventilation systems for various premises - industrial, administrative, warehouse, residential and other areas that require the exchange of air quality and continuity of its supply. This will ensure a comfortable stay of people in the room and has a beneficial effect on their health.

Compressor-Condensing Units (CCU) - it part of system to be used in central air conditioning systems with direct cooling, which is formally called as the outdoor unit.

Most often, they are connected to the supply air ventilation systems coolers or air conditioners channel high power, provided that the installation of the unit is not possible, but also because of the restrictions permissible load on the roof, large coolers or distance constraints on the budget.

Fans are a key element of ventilation systems, physically represent "air pump". The fans are axial and centrifugal, with the motor AC or DC, differ in capacity, size, intended use. Both manufactured from metal and from plastic. In some instances, powerful fans are divided into the impeller and a motor means which produces the rotation of the pulley. Fans also can be divided into housing and recessed.

The software is divided into control software  and software for the calculation and design systems. Separately presented diagnostic software for specialists in service and repair.

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