Outdoor comperssor-condensing units

Compressor-Condensing Units (CCU) - it part of system to be used in central air conditioning systems with direct cooling, which is formally called as the outdoor unit.

Most often, they are connected to the supply air ventilation systems coolers or air conditioners channel high power, provided that the installation of the unit is not possible, but also because of the restrictions permissible load on the roof, large coolers or distance constraints on the budget.

The main components of the CCU are a compressor and a condenser, whereas an external vaporizer. Managed by CCU automation system ventilation unit. In CCU  Midea-trademark feature integrated automation, liquid receiver and the refrigerant condensing pressure control system. In the design and selection of CCU necessary to carry out a precise calculation of the external characteristics of the evaporator and a range of operating systems.

The advantages of air-conditioning systems on the basis of CCU  TM "Midea®":

  • Relatively low cost of equipment and installation;
  • Low maintenance costs; - High reliability when properly executed, long life-time