Multi-split systems Indoor Units

Indoor units are available in this series with a capacity of 2-5 kW, wall, wall, ceiling, floor, cassette and duct type. The system can be built on the principle of "designer" (Free-match), it is only necessary to observe restrictions on the length of the lines and to select combinations of blocks in the table of compatible configurations are different for outdoor units with different numbers of ports. Electronic control units and convenient remote controls provide owners comfortable temperature conditions and reliable operation of the equipment in compliance with the installation and timely clearing air filters and units surface.

Wall-mounted indoor units are designed for mounting on the wall near the ceiling inside rooms. They are equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options to clean the air, are popular, as are convenient for installation and maintenance. Between series units may differ on the design panel, size, type of indicators, additional control functions and the air distribution.

4-way Cassette indoor units for DC-multi (Free-match) systems, to be mounted on the ceiling, ensuring the first installation of the unit, and then install the decorative air-supply panel (which equipped for entry and exit of air). The main distribution of the air takes place in 4 directions, additional angular channels provide more even air flow, the air flow deviation can be adjusted vertically by the deflection shutters. All cassette indoor units are equipped with built-in drain pump, decorative louvre panel and remote control are also included.

The indoor unit duct type allows flush mounting in a suspended ceiling or plaster-board structures and carries out the air supply as well as its further distribution channels, air ducts. These systems are often used in areas where it is important to ensure that the original design, to hide air conditioning, leaving only the air-grille diffusers or air distribution. Duct-type indoors with medium pressureair-flow can be connected to ducts (air-canvas) with a length of 3-5 m.

This type of indoor units that can be mounted on the ceiling or wall, respectively, given the specificity of the planning and placement of objects in the room. The main distribution (flow) of air occurs only in 1 direction, the additional flow deviation to the side slats also

Console type indoor units provide uniform distribution of treated vozduschnogo flow in the room, directing a powerful stream of treated air along the walls on the 4 directions (up-down, left-right), thus avoiding direct contact with cold air to people, pets and plants. Indoor unit cantilever is placed vertically on the wall just above the floor.