Cassette VRF 4 Flow "Compact" series

Indoor unit, cassette-type the Compact is easy to install in a standard cell ceiling "Armstrong"(600x600 mm). In this case, visible from the outside is just a beautiful bar, in the form of a decorative element of the interior.

Internal cluster units produced from sound-absorbing material, which improves the quality of the insulation, reducing operating noise. Slit shutters and curved openings provide air flow outlet 360 degrees around the block.


  • Wide angle blowing space by 8 lines of air distribution:
  • 4 - using the blinds, and 4 - with the help of the angle inserts on the panel;
  • Infrared remote control (IR) remote control panel and complete
  • CE-MBQ-03C4 panel,
  • DC fan motor,
  • Built-in water pump,
  • The possibility of organizing an inflow of fresh air,
  • Remote control is an option.