Сeiling-floor VRF

Universal internal blocks that can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the floor under the ceiling, while powerful airflow in the first case is directed upwards, in the second - horizontally along the ceiling. This design has a large range of air flow control that allows you to evenly distribute the cooled air throughout the room and avoided direct contact with the people. This type of on an internal block may be successfully applied to complex shaped space cooling without ceiling.


  • Horizontal or vertical installation;
  • Air distribution to 4 directions;
  • Automatic horizontal and vertical blinds (3D -vozdushny flow in AUTO mode);
  • High performance;
  • Built-in EHV-valve;
  • Built-in drain pum

Indoor units of the floor-ceiling type of the 2nd generation of the MI2-DLDHN1 series are presented by models with a power from 3,6 to 14,0 kW. The devices can be installed in a horizontal position, mounted to the ceiling or in a vertical position, attached to the wall or floor. Models of this series are delivered without the control panel which need to be got separately.

Features of the series: