Split-type heat pumps with air extraction

Inverter type outdoor units of "M-Therma" and "Tri-Therma" series Combi-types split HPWH. Operate on the principle of the heat pump - transfer thermal energy of "street" air to the "room" side - indoors (water or freon type) units, trough refrigerant circuit or hydronic circuits. The system uses refrigerant R410A. System "M-Therma" is a complete solution to maintain a comfortable temperature conditions in a residential area, and simultaneously preparing sanitary hot water. Working on the principle of the heat pump system can be used external energy for heating air and/or air conditioning and heat water. The system includes the following components: DC-inverter outdoor unit; hydronic; boiler; controller KJRH-120A/BT-E; kit for solar panels (optional). "Tri-Therma" serie include freons-type indoor, same with MDV-systems indoors units.

The systems is highly energy efficient, easy to use, does not require a lot of space for the installation. Moreover, "M-Therma" and "Tri-Therma" can operate in bivalent mode using solar-heating water panels. To do this, you can used additional  kit for solar collectors TMK-01.


During the operation of the M-Thermal A-Series (Arctic) heat pump - the outdoor unit absorbs heat from the environment and transfers it inside the room through the refrigerant pipeline to the hydroblock.
The hydroblock heats the water with refrigerant from the outdoor unit. The heated water circulates through heating devices such as underfloor heating, radiators, fan coil units, as well as the DHW tank coil.
Immersion coils are often installed in domestic hot water tanks as a backup.

  • HYDROMODULE with a 290 l boiler tank for installation on the floor;
  • Ecological freon R32;
  • Guaranteed performance at outside temperature. air up to -22ºС;
  • WiFi control via the module in the wired remote control (in the standard configuration);
  • Backup heater inside the unit;