4-way Cassette fan colis "Standard" series

4-way Cassette fan coils with body dimensions 840х840mm, designed for use in space ceiling with a distance of 25-30 cm, has a built-in drain pump, control board panel with display and remote control are also included. Provides a smooth and comprehensive airflow control vanes can be made in the air 2-groups. The low noise, the ability to connect from the supply air duct ventilation system, and the ability to withdraw from the case of several ducts in adjacent rooms, three-speed fan and provides a wide range of additional benefits.


Fan coil unit - a device that is installed in the premises of a wide variety of assignments. Its main function is to maintain the desired temperature. Fan coils are generally composed of a heat exchanger with a fan, a filter, a remote control (thermostat). On request they can be supplemented with a variety of accessories.

Features of the blocks in this series: