Systems DC-Inverter 20-90 kW unmergeable

Outdoor units VRF systems are a key element of such systems in terms of their characteristics are formed or that performance, extent highways, energy efficiency, reliability and cost of installation for systems as a whole.

Midea offers a wide range of outdoor units of different types, with a capacity of 20 to 90 kilowatt in this series of large systems, with options for the use of residential and office buildings, warehouses, large offices, cafes and shops. Manufacturers use only new and effective technological solutions, quality control at all stages of production, versatile tests of reliability and efficiency. For the proper selection and installation of the blocks, use the program selection VRF systems.


  • Highly efficient DC-Inverter compressor;
  • Load range (by the sum of indoor unit indices) 15-130%;
  • Autorestart with restoration of robotic parameters and carrying out oil-reflow cycle;
  • A modified chassis with a new design of fan blades and diffuser with protective grill is used;
  • Precise temperature control - Compressor + multi-position EXV-valves;
  • A wide range of 25-90kW;
  • If you need to use blocks with a performance that is different from the one provided, it is recommended to use MDV-V5Х, MV5E-X, MV6 Modula

• 13 basic outdoor units with a capacity of 25.2 ~ 90 kW, without the possibility of combining.

• Modern outdoor units Full DC-Inverter with EVI technology, operation for heating at a temperature of -25°C outside air.

• Freon cooling of the power control module for compressors.

• Subcooling by means of an additional plate heat exchanger.

• Budget outdoor units in VRF class;

• Optimal solution for small buildings;

• Long track length;

• Highly efficient compressor DC-Inverter;

• Wide range of 20–33.5 kW;

• G-shaped heat exchanger with hydrophilic coating;

• Updated intelligent control system;

• Fans based on DC motors with improved blade aerodynamics;

• Load range (according to the sum of indices of indoor units) 15–130%;

• Autorestart with restoration of operating parameters, with an oil return cycle;

• Strong protective grille for fans;