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Multi-split systems - air conditioners is one external and multiple (in this case – 2 indoors) connected in parallel (separated pipes)  to the indoor units. Such conditioners enable you to optimize space on the facade, without cluttering up his outdor units. In all areas is the possibility of individual adjustment of microclimate. Multisplit system - is air conditioning for small houses or flats big square, but distance from the outdoor unit to each of the internal do not exceed 15 m.


Outdoor units multi-split systems, DC-Inverter manufactured in 5 sizes and allow you to create the best for each individual object set, together with a variety of types and models of indoor units.

A wide range of indoor units by type and performance.

Up to 5 indoor units of various types (wall, cassette 600х600, channel and floor-ceiling) can be connected to multisystems.
Simultaneously, the units can operate only in one mode - cooling or heating, but in each room it is possible to set and maintain individual air parameters. DC inverter control of the compressor motor and outdoor fan provides high energy efficiency and economy of the system.