Cassette VRF 4 Flow "Standard" series

Cassette indoor units are installed in the space underceiling premises. The main distribution of air occurs in 4 directions, the deviation of air flow can be adjusted vertically by an error blinds.


  • The block design is similar to the MCC cassette semi-industrial blocks;
  • Built-in drainage pump with a lift height of up to 750 mm;
  • Easy installation and maintenance;
  • A hole in the corner of the unit body for organizing the supply of fresh air;
    4 fan speeds;
  • LED-display on the T-MBQ4-02C1 (B1) panel, for monitoring and displaying the operating modes of the system;
  • 2 stepper motors to control blinds with an opening angle of 38-42 degrees;
  • Low noise level;
  • Infrared remote control (IR) remote control;
  • Панель T-MBQ4-01E,
  • Панель T-MBQ4-02E(S) для кассеты мощностью 16 кВт, имеет независимое управление жалюзи,
  • DC-двигатель вентилятора,
  • Встроенный водяной насос,
  • Возможность организации притока свежего воздуха,
  • ПДУ - опция.