High-static pressure duct inverter

Indoor unit channel type allows concealed installation in suspended ceilings and air distribution channels, air ducts. These systems are often used in areas where design is important, since the block itself is not visible in the room, but only the lattice diffusers or air distribution visible to the eye. Blocks channel-type high pressure can be connected to ducts (channels) with a length of 8-14 m. As a rule, such a solution is sufficient for small-sized cottage or a large store room with separated rooms, where it is important to submit the air over long distances. Sometimes in the interiors of shopping malls and cafes such systems are left open, underscoring the utility and adaptability interiors. .All Channel indoor units are equipped with a remote control supplied, wired remote and central group control can be installed as an option.


This chapter include old series and models, which not will be product and supply at feature