Aqua Tempo Super series

Air-cooled unitary chillers series Hydronic Smart M, an air-cooled condenser and the scroll compressor Danfoss Scroll. Cooling capacity- 25, 35, 65 kW. Suitable for air-conditioning and heating houses, shops and offices, and other facilities, has an in-body  hydraulic kit. Wired controller included, attachments, piping must purchase at local market and install an additional.


It comes three-in-one model of chillers with hydronic - with a capacity of 35/65/130 kW, refrigerant R-410a. Grouping is not provided by the manufacturer.

In these models, chillers installed rotary compressors powerful camera type Scroll, constant power production Danfoss.

Components integrated hydraulic - plate heat exchanger with EXV-valves, expansion tank, flow switch, circulator pump with 16-25 m for small network users.