Split-type DC - Inverter

Wall split air conditioners consist of indoor and outdoor unit, equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options for cleaning the air, ease of operation, the compressor can be fixed and variable (inverter) power. The indoor unit is designed for installation on the wall, on the ceiling of the room.

This type of air conditioners is the most popular as a compressor and a condenser cooling fan (located in the outer, "street" block) are separated from the evaporator blower (located in the interior, "indoor" unit). This scheme was introduced in the 60s of the 20th century, when the designers set out to reduce the noise level and the size of air conditioners, for wide application in daily life, previously produced only windows and industrial monoblock system, which severely limits their use in homes and offices. "Split" means "separated" - vnturenny and outdoor unit connected pipes forward and reverse pumping Freon (refrigerant -teplonositelya), the pressure created by the compressor and throttle valve, which ensures the Carnot cycle in the specified temperature limits. Upon reaching the desired temperature in the room, the compressor is deactivated. In split-system inverter compressor operates at a variable speed, and this provides another "degree of freedom" for providing a more accurate temperature control.



The indoor unit is equipped with the innovative OxygenFresh air exchange system, I-Clean function, Breezeless technology, WI-FI READY and other interesting smart and energy-saving features that ensure exceptional naturalness and freshness of the treated air.

Oasis PlusInverter

Features of the series:

  • New ekolgichesky freon R32,
  • The ability to work on cooling at -25,
  • The ability to work on heating at -30C,
  • The new RG66,
  • Energy efficiency A +++,
  • The "intelligent eye" function,
  • In the outdoor unit there are installed heating elements (compressor + pallet),
  • The mini-chassis "Nordic",
  • Connector for connecting a WI-FI module.


The internal unit of the BreezeleSS + series has TwinFlap double deflectors (louvers) with an air vent and 7928 mini-holes for uniform dispersion of cool air. In addition, BreezeleSS + is considered the first split-conditioner with side air vents. These S-shaped sockets are specifically designed to work with front louvers to ensure optimum air flow through the heat exchanger and improve dispersion.


Features of the Midea Aurora series inverter air conditioner:


  • "i-ECO" mode - "Comfort and economy"
  • Frost protection of the room, temperature maintenance +8 °С
  • Heating of the crankcase of the compressor and the pallet of the outdoor unit(with factory installed heating cable)
  • 5 step adjustment rotation speed fan indoor unit
  • "Step-Gear" - power control system


The newest series with a classic design of the indoor unit with a hidden LED display, with an outdoor unit in the "BRILLIANT" style with a sump and compressor heating, energy-efficient ecological R32 freon, with WI-FI READY function and a modern stylish remote control.

The Xtreme Save Eco (AG) series with an original smooth design of the indoor unit, with an outdoor unit in the "BRILLIANT" style, friendly R32 freon, with WI-FI READY function and a modern stylish remote control.

Blanc DСInverter

Minimalist design and flowing form of the indoor unit Midea Blanc suitable for any interior. The original relief of the sides of the unit resembles a sea wave form. A stylish outdoor unit Midea Blans suggests an elaborate series of design concepts

Forest DCInverter

The indoor unit of the Forest series has a glossy wave-like (AF) - special development by Midea and a flat front panel with an edged (AF8) plastic with a hidden LED display, which can, at the request of the user, turn off the display and sound. The remote control at the time of pressing the buttons turns on the display backlight. The outdoor units have an original “Diamond” design used in various series of Midea split systems.

Competitive offers Midea and the desire to bring to market a new series, leading to periodic change and / or substitution of a lineup of various series of products.