Wall-mounted VRF

Indoor Units VRF wall type do not differ in appearance from the indoor units conventional split systems and organically fit into most design decisions.


  • New M2 type panel wall-mounted.
  • AC fan 7-speed fan control.
  • 5-step swing louver.
  • Standard wireless remote controller
  • Multi-refrigerant outlet pipe method: left\right\rear, more flexible for installation
  • M9 panel
  • Built-in EXV valve.
  • 2 directions of the output of the freon pipes and the drainage pipe - to the side (to the right to the left, if you look at the block from the front), or down.

The Mini VRF ATOM split system has special indoor units. They can only be connected to this system. There are six such blocks, their power is from 2.2 to 16 kW. The new line contains all types of air conditioners.

The ATOM series includes inverter-type outdoor units with power from 8 kW to 16 kW. The equipment is powered from a single-phase 220V network, which creates certain conveniences when installing air conditioners in private homes or small offices in the central part of the metropolis. ATOM single fan outdoor units are compact and easy to install.