Aqua Force Monoblock series with screw compressor without hydronic

Air-сooled high power chillers with screw compressors, cooling only type. The units are designed for outdoor installation, equipped with a low-noise high-performance twin-screw compressors semi-hermetic structure with asymmetrical profile rotors of the "5 + 6 of teeth" with adjustable capacity performance, high efficiency «shell and tube» evaporator and air-cooled condenser performance «W-shaped" profile, also used by the group of low-noise fans, microprocessor controllers. The series includes nine basic units with capacity from 360 to 1400 kW. This type of chiller also allows you to build modular systems on the principle of "master-slave" control panels are connected with the cable, hydraulic networks are installed separately for each machine.


Monobloc screw air cooled chillers are designed to provide a comfortable air conditioning in larger buildings or for cooling large volumes of liquid in the industry, Idea produces eight sizes chillers in the series (from 375 to 1420 kW).

Assemblies of the type intended for installation outdoors, and thus performs heat exchange with the external environment via the integrated air condenser
W-shaped configuration.