Archive models of VRF controllers


Controllers - Accessories include:

CCM02 - central controller for monitoring outdoor units VRF (up to 16 pcs.), Can show the opening degree of EXV, fan speed, temperature on the sensors, operating currents and load factors and compressors, etc.

Infrared remote control R51/E was supplied as standard with MDV indoor units. The console has a thin and elegant case.

The R51 / E supports the following functions:

  • Functions On / Off
  • Temperature setting
  • Setting the operating mode
  • Fan speed adjustment
  • Setting up the blinds
  • Timer
  • Lock buttons

Clear user interface - Users can see the settings of the air conditioner on the remote control display. It allows you to precisely control the parameters of an artificial climate.

  • KJR-90B - offers on/off and heating/cooling functionality for indoor units based on preset temperatures to ensure easy management. Сan be used to centrally control up to 16 indoor units.

Midea Integrated Management System (IMM) is designed specifically for central multi-zone air conditioning systems. IMM is designed to solve a variety of tasks depending on the size of the building and its functional purpose. The system includes an intelligent interface module with an integrated WEB server (IMM441V4PA58) and IMM-ENET-MA software.

IMM-ENET-MA - PC software.

Minimum computer requirements:

Wired consoles are designed for mounting on the walls of the room and are connected to the indoor unit of the air conditioner by means of a wire, allow controlling the air conditioners from long distances, they can receive a signal from the IR remote control, have a built-in temperature sensor, plan the parameters of the system for a week, etc.

KJR-10B & KJR-12B

CCM01- central remote control (Central Control Monitor), design with side door-button cover, backlight, controls from 1 to 64 indoor units. Has the function of block diagnostics.