Optional devices and controllers

Options for chillers - is pumping Hydronic Modules for external connection, additional controllers, central control program for a group of chillers, as well as mounting options: flow switch (relay), antivibration mountings, vibration dampers pipe, thermometers and manometers for  water pipes.

For fan coil options can be considered drainage pumps, removable panels, additional control systems.


Mechanical flow switch with output contact on the electrical terminals. It is used as an element of tying different types of chillers.

Product features:

  • Highly reliable quality

Whole stainless steel or metal with special coating and anti-rust treatment. High-class main component, dustproof
and waterproof.

  • Good performance, stable and reliable

Two motors, one is backup to ensure the system uninterrupted operation.

HD-Q is a 3-way ball ventel Power. Suitable for hot and cold water.

  • Model HD-Q15 for connecting the pipes in diameter - DN15 (1/2 ");
  • Model HD-Q20 for connecting the pipes in diameter - DN20 (3/4 ");
  • Model HD-Q25 for connecting the pipes in diameter - DN25 (1 ");