4-way Cassette fan coils "Compact" series

Cassette 4-way fan-coils, are designed for use in cell ceiling Euro Size, which is often used in offices and commercial premises. That series include a drainage pump, control board panel with display and remote control are also included. Provides a smooth and comprehensive air flow through the panel with corner inserts and fan design us "3-D screw." The low noise, the ability to connect from the supply air duct ventilation system, 3 speed fans provide additional functionality.


Fan coil - a device that is installed in the premises of a wide variety of assignments. Its main function is to maintain the desired temperature. Fan coils are generally composed of a heat exchanger with a fan, a filter, a remote control (thermostat). On request they can be supplemented with a variety of accessories.

Features of this series:

They are used in hydraulic systems, central air conditioning and heating with separate sources of heat transfer medium or inability to feed one type of coolant in the cooling network and heating network (options: chiller + boiler + heat pump central heating, etc.).

The design of the blocks is similar to the fan coil units for 2-pipe systems, only the heat exchanger is divided into two parts (2/3 - the cold, 1/3 - heat) pipe that output to individual ports.

 Features of the blocks in this series: