Indoor units VRF

Range of indoor units multizone systems in its diversity are not inferior to domestic and semi-industrial series and allow us to solve all complex processing tasks of air in rooms and buildings of any type conveniently fitting into their interior.

Indoor Units VRF wall type do not differ in appearance from the indoor units conventional split systems and organically fit into most design decisions.

Cassette single-flow units are used to provide a comfortable microclimate in small rooms, such as meeting rooms. Great for utilizing heat gain from panoramic glazing. They have a compact size, so they can be placed in rooms even with limited ceiling space.
Equipped with a drain pump to remove condensate.

Thanks to its compact size and small thickness of cluster 2 in-line indoor units are ideal for use in long and narrow rooms where little space for other types of units. 2-way cassette indoor units VRF rapidly cooled or heated air, and create a comfortable indoor temperature.

Indoor unit, cassette-type the Compact is easy to install in a standard cell ceiling "Armstrong"(600x600 mm). In this case, visible from the outside is just a beautiful bar, in the form of a decorative element of the interior.

Internal cluster units produced from sound-absorbing material, which improves the quality of the insulation, reducing operating noise. Slit shutters and curved openings provide air flow outlet 360 degrees around the block.

Cassette indoor units are installed in the space underceiling premises. The main distribution of air occurs in 4 directions, the deviation of air flow can be adjusted vertically by an error blinds.

Low-pressure ducted indoor units have a low noise and compact linear dimensions that enhances their use.

Used in small spaces that do not require long air ducts, or in a low underceiling space.

Concealed medium pressure duct units combine the beneficial properties of a conventional air conditioner with the properties of ventilation systems. They allow you to organize the flow of fresh air into the room and are not visible in itnerere since placed in a suspended ceiling or in a separate room.

Through design features a cooling fan, with low air flow rate to maintain the desired static pressure, these units have a low noise level.

Duct air conditioners average effective pressure conditioning of large apartments, houses, offices, trade halls and restaurants.

The distinctive and characteristic feature of the internal blocks of channel type high pressure is able to provide air conditioning in several rooms or in a large, by setting necessary for the effective distribution of air airway network and the organization of distribution of air through diffusers, grilles or annemostaty. In addition, the channel systems are flush-mounted systems, and are typically used in areas where critical requirements for the interior and its decoration. Besides excellent ventilation system is replaced.

Universal internal blocks that can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the floor under the ceiling, while powerful airflow in the first case is directed upwards, in the second - horizontally along the ceiling. This design has a large range of air flow control that allows you to evenly distribute the cooled air throughout the room and avoided direct contact with the people. This type of on an internal block may be successfully applied to complex shaped space cooling without ceiling.

Floor mounted indoors from MDV-VRF serie are  simplicity to install, easy to use, reliable and practical.

With a variety of design options and their characteristics and can be used in different rooms and the like, both residential and public. These may be banks, theaters, offices, museums, halls of hotels, summer house and so on.

Cantilever indoor units provide uniform distribution of treated air flow in the room, directing a powerful stream of treated air along the walls on the 4 directions (up and down, left and right), thus avoiding direct contact with cold air to people, pets and plants. Indoor unit cantilever is placed vertically on the wall just above the floor.

Connection kit is designed to connect to systems MDV (to the outdoor units MDV) supply air ventilation systems with freon evaporators any manufacturer.