Archive of duct split-systems of high power

Archive of duct split-systems of high power
(Models of previous years)


Ducted split systems are used for air-conditioning several rooms at the same time and are designed to work in recirculation mode or in partial recirculation prepared by the mixing of fresh air.

Indoor units of air conditioners installed channel, such as a suspended ceiling.

High-pressure ducted split air conditioning systems Midea premises can cater up to 600 (with one system) for long-haul networks of ducts. Available static pressure channel the air conditioner allows you to overcome the high resistance of the local network o

HIGH POWER duct split systems are a remote-controlled air-conditioning system to create comfortable climatic conditions. Supplied complete with wired remote control. Air conditioning is controlled from the remote control of the remote control. Consists of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit and a wired remote control. The outdoor unit houses a compressor, a fan, and other elements of the refrigerating circuit. In the inner block are the heat exchanger, fan, control system. Copeland compressors are used.