Archive of a Split-type Heat Pumps

Competitive proposals Midea and the desire to bring to market a new series of equipment leads to a periodic change in the lineup of a product.

In this section are those models and a series of equipment, the production of which is now complete, stocks ended and supply of this equipment in the future is impossible.


The Module-Therma series of heat pumps is designed to solve the problems of simultaneous heat supply (heating), cooling, and hot water preparation for small cottages. 4 models of outdoor units are manufactured, based on DC-inverter (LRSJF-V) technology and the corresponding internal modules are the internal units of hydraulic heat transfer and loop connections (SMK), you can also connect an indirect heat storage boiler (purchased separately from local suppliers) ) and the solar system controller (TMK-01), if the solar collectors will be connected to the system.

System Full DC-inverter "M-Thermal Split", it is a good choice 3 in the 1st: heat pump, chiller, aero-hydraulic DHW water heater. Has in the complete set the block of the hydromodule SMK.

Boiler-accumulator of indirect heat exchange, is structurally a heat-insulated tank with one or more heat exchangers built-in. To heat the water, the hot heat carrier from the heat pump, boiler, solar collector or other source is sent to heat the boiler. Such water heaters have many varieties (with several heat exchangers, with a built-in TEEN, etc.) and make the heating system flexible and economical.

Main advantages:

The purpose of the solar collector is to convert solar energy into heat. The rays are absorbed by the absorber, which heats the coolant inside the collector tubes. Then the heated coolant enters the heat exchanger, where heat is transferred from one coolant to another, which in turn allows it to be transferred to consumers.

Solar collectors are used in water heating (DHW), for the production of industrial heat, as well as in heating systems.

Heat pumps Series Module-Thermal is designed to solve problems of simultaneous heating (heating), cooling, domestic hot water preparation of water for small houses. Produced 4 models of outdoor units, technology-based DC-inverter (LRSJF-V) and relevant to them internal modules - this internal blocks hydraulic heat transfer and connection circuits (SMK), you can also connect the boiler-accumulator indirect (purchased separately from local suppliers ) solar controller (TMK-01), if the solar collectors are connected to the system.