Cassette VRF 1 Flow

Cassette single-flow units are used to provide a comfortable microclimate in small rooms, such as meeting rooms. Great for utilizing heat gain from panoramic glazing. They have a compact size, so they can be placed in rooms even with limited ceiling space.
Equipped with a drain pump to remove condensate.


The compact design of the unit with a height of only 153 mm is ideal for narrow sub-ceiling spaces, for example, for a reception room or a small meeting room, corridors.

A powerful air flow with a low noise level allows the unit to be used in rooms with high ceilings (up to 3.2m high) to maintain maximum comfort.

VRF MI2-Q1 series single-flow cassette indoor units are available in 7 models with capacities from 1.8 to 7.1 kW and are equipped with a DC-inverter fan motor.

Features and benefits of the series: