For sanitary water

Packaged monoblocks for air-water heat transfer are gaining more and more popularity in the world market because they are the most effective way to heat water for domestic hot water needs at the lowest cost of electricity. Maximize the use and efficiency  (COP) of about 4 in these devices is achieved by summer condition operation.


Heat pumps are constructed using the principle of heat transfer of ambient air energy to heat the water flowing through the heat exchanger, consumed in the farm or the engineering systems of buildings, through the reverse cycle of the operation of the refrigeration machine (heat pump).

Is a composite device combining air Cooled Condenser the compressor and the evaporator (as in a window air conditioner), which heats the water in the tank-boiler, which in turn, provides an additional electric heater (heater) and ports for connecting a second circuit to indirectly exchange ( for example, through the solar panel).