Air handling units with heat recovery

Air handling units (AHU) are designed for use in ventilation systems and, in part, as a component of air heating in industrial and civil construction. Suspended air handling units Idea AHE come in a range of performance 250-1500 cubic meters/hour, using outside air, which is heated or cooled by passing through a plate heat exchanger made of multi-layer lacquered paper. Air heating can be performed using the built-in (on models up to 600 cubic meters/hour) or remote (models 800 m³/h and above) electric heater, which should be included for reheating in the winter. Basically, in these devices use the principle of heat recovery (heat recovery) exhaust air. Distribution of air can be carried out by the duct system, and directly into the room through the grilles, diffusers, annemostatov.

In the air handling units can be carried out modes of air treatment:

  • air purification nylon integrated filter G2, polluted city streets to recommend installation of an additional channel filter with a replaceable cartridge in the suction line outside air;
  • heating / cooling depending on the season (temperature on the street) and the heat created in the room;
  • moisture retention, in a room set up;
  • partial heat recovery bypass (bypass) in the direction of the supply air (priority inflow) - only models 250-1000 m³/h;

Mode is set with wired wall remote control that comes in the kit.


VENTILATION Recuperators series CE-HRV together with the air conditioning and VRF systems provide perfectly comfortable indoor climate by changing the temperature and humidity of incoming fresh air, depending on the climatic conditions inside and outside the premises.

Features of this series: