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Air Conditioner Blanc Split

Air Conditioner Blanc Split

Blanc on-off and DC-inverter MSMA-09H(D)RN1

Blanc on-off and DC-inverter

Dehumidifier DF

Household dehumidifier Midea DF series

Firewind DC MS12FU-09HRDN

Firewind DC MS12FU-09HRDN

Instructions for working with the program for selection of MDV fan coil units

Instructions for working with the program for selection of MDV fan coil units

Midea Atom Series Mini VRF

Introducing Midea Atom Series Mini VRF :

  1. Group control for maximum 9 IDUs
  2. Maximum space usability
  3. Long piping capability for flexible installation
  4. Loop setting of weekly operation schedule
  5. Cloud control
  6. Centralized control

Midea BreezeleSS+ Air Conditioner

The latest progressive series of household split systems Midea BreezeleSS + on the new ozone-safe R32 freon. In the air conditioners of the Midea BreezeleSS + series, the developers used three unique developments designated by three S: Speed ​​(speed), Soft (comfort), Surround (volumetric coolness). The cooling rate is ensured by the ultra-high frequency of the compressor, the high speed of the fan and the wide (70 mm) perforated nanoholes of the indoor unit louver. All this allows the BreezeleSS + conditioner to reduce the indoor temperature in 40 seconds. The indoor unit provides increased user comfort due to the special design of the deflector (blinds), and this is the main distinguishing feature of this model. The air in the room is fed through 7928 holes in the shape of an hourglass at different angles. They simultaneously expand the air flow, accelerate and break it into trickles, making it incredibly enjoyable. BreezeleSS + reverses the concept of air conditioning, turning the cooling process into a unique sensation. In addition, BreezeleSS + is the first air conditioner that additionally supplies air from the side surfaces of the unit, thus cooling the room faster and more evenly.

Midea Mission series

Split system Midea Mission series

Midea smart wifi connection SK-102

This video shows a step-by-step process of setting up a Wi-Fi module in the Midea Smart program.

Midea Ultimate Comfort Air Conditioner

Midea has launched production of split systems on the new ozone-safe R-32 freon - DC-inverter air conditioner of the Ultimate Comfort series.

This series is designed for the premium consumer segment. Internal blocks are issued in white and golden colors, the design of blocks is unusual and very attractive.

The Silky Cool perforated deflector breaks the air flow from the Ultimate Comfort unit into hundreds of small streams and spreads them at a wide angle around the room. Due to this, the air spreads with a uniformly low speed throughout the room. Even being near the air conditioner, the user will not feel the air flow and will be in a comfortable environment. Additionally, you can purchase a Wi-Fi module and control the air conditioner from your smartphone via the Internet.

In the Ultimate Comfort line, two models are made with Inverter Quattro technology with a capacity of 2.64 kW (9000BTU) and 3.5 kW (12000BTU). The indicator of seasonal energy efficiency of this series reaches the value of 8.2. Energy consumption has a class "A +++".