Guarantee and Conditions

   Midea semi-industrial split systems are guaranteed for three years (36 months), for household split systems for five years (60 months), for mobile air conditioners for one year (12 months).

   The condition of the warranty is the annual maintenance (TO), which must be carried out by specialized specialists. After performing service work, the warranty card must be marked with the following data:

  • -date of maintenance;
  • -who carried out the maintenance;
  • -telephone feedback.
  1. Warranty service is carried out in the presence of a sales receipt (invoice) and a completed, stamped (in the appropriate fields) warranty coupon that is included in the product.
  2. The seller disclaims responsibility for possible harm, directly or indirectly caused to the use of the product to people, pets, property in the event that it resulted from non-observance of the rules and conditions of the product operation, as well as deliberate or careless actions of the consumer or third parties.
  3. The seller reserves the right to refuse warranty service in the following cases:
    • In the warranty card there is no complete and detailed information, namely - there is no data in points No. 1 to No. 15, and there is also no stamp or stamp of the seller's company. (Surname, First name, Patronymic, city and street names are indicated in full, presence of contact phone numbers of the buyer, installer or the company that carried out the installation is mandatory)
    • The device was operated with violations of the rules and operating conditions set out in the operating instructions;
    • The device has traces of unskilled repair attempts;
    • If the defect is caused by a change in the design or layout of the product not provided for by the "Producer";
    • Damage caused by ingress of foreign objects, substances, liquids, insects;
    • If the device has received damage caused by the mismatch of the supply voltage to the State Technical Standards;
    • Damage caused as a result of the use of non-certified, substandard or unsuitable for this model air conditioner, power cables, consumables;
    • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the air conditioner were carried out by specialists lacking the necessary qualifications and tools;
    • If the consumer has not carried out service maintenance of the product within 12 months from the moment of installation or start-up of the product, or from the moment of the last service (which is always carried out at the expense of the consumer),
    • When carrying out service maintenance, it is mandatory to fill in the appropriate fields about the performed service in the "backs" of the warranty coupon;
    The air conditioner you purchased is for domestic use only. When using the air conditioner for industrial or industrial purposes, the warranty and service conditions are determined separately, by signing a guarantee contract and periodic maintenance between the buyer and the seller / installer.
  4. All the terms of the guarantee obligations are in force under the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and are regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.
  5. The seller has the right to engage contractors (third parties) for the implementation of the guarantee obligations.