DX-system (direct evaporator systems)

Freon air conditioning system is designed to maintain certain climatic conditions in several areas (zones), so these systems are called multi-zone air conditioning. The number of rooms, which made multizone air conditioning, can reach several tens, and each of them can be autonomous (independent) adjustable temperature settings in each room. A modern Wire Line Triple Tube system, allow you to work one of the indoor units simultaneously in different modes, ie, part of the indoor units can be operated to heat, and the cooling part.

Outdoors unit of VRF-systems are core elements of structure, and include compressors, fan, evaporators, valve system, advanced electronic control system, based on latest technology and research of producers. At usually, outdoors units devide by compressor type (DC-inverter or Digital Scroll), Horizontal or vertical air-exhaust arrow, air- or water- cooled, for 2-pipe or 3-pipe refrigeration system, etc.

Range of indoor units multizone systems in its diversity are not inferior to domestic and semi-industrial series and allow us to solve all complex processing tasks of air in rooms and buildings of any type conveniently fitting into their interior.

To manage VRF systems, we offer a wide range of wired controllers that diversion can be divided into three main groups: the control for indoor units - you can also divide them into individual (for one unit) and group (for multiple units), for monitoring operating parameters outdoor units, for especially  focused tasks - specialized controllers. If necessary, on the basis of controllers can build a more developed and complex control system with data output on a server BMS, Internet, dedicated management server.

As accessories for the VRF systems are changed refrigerant pipes connectors (refnets) joint refnets for  modular outdoor units, power meters with digital output for system  consumption energy registration.

For indoor units options may also be considered drainage pumps.

The software is divided into control software  and software for the calculation and design systems. Separately presented diagnostic software for specialists in service and repair.

Rooftops - a powerful roof air conditioners for cooling and heating of shopping malls, large storage space, clubs and gyms. Using the Rooftops it is also possible to arrange ventilation c partial fresh air. Roof top advantage is the lack of need for laying of freon pipes, construction of unit – it’s a package, which mounted directly on the roof of the building, or near from wall.

Precision air conditioners (сlose control) - a self-contained air conditioning cabinet type, with high accuracy to ensure the regulation and maintenance of air temperature and humidity in the rooms with sensitive equipment. In addition to these requirements, technological facilities are distinguished by higher specific heat loads, compared with household and office space, and require uninterrupted operation of precision air-conditioning 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

This serie of Duct AC was designed to maintain the temperature parameters in large halls supermarkets, warehouses, airports and train-stations, with ducts large extent and groups of distributing grids or another types air-supplying units. Usually, indoor units are installed on the ceiling, with the false ceiling or in technical areas such as "ventilation room". Indoor units are equipped with high-pressure fan, with external pressure - from 100 to 250 Pa, depending on the model. It can also be used 2-or 4-th freon pipes circuit interconnects between indor and outdoor units.