Air handling units

Air-Supply unit - the kind of ventilation system, which is used to force fresh air into the room. Provides control of the amount of forced air, clean it from dirt and various impurities.

Installations of this type are used in ventilation systems for various premises - industrial, administrative, warehouse, residential and other areas that require the exchange of air quality and continuity of its supply. This will ensure a comfortable stay of people in the room and has a beneficial effect on their health.

In addition, some models of ventilation systems allow you to adjust the level of humidity (to produce humidification), control the temperature of the air (its cooling or heating) and filter (free from dust, smoke and other contaminants).

Ventilation ventilation system pumps air into the room and spread it evenly over the entire area of ​​the room. Distribution of air at the same time can be carried out directly into the room and through the duct system. Derivation of the air in such a case occurs naturally through the creation of some excess pressure. Also the equipment can be operated as the outdoor air, and in the mode of complete or partial recirculation.

Ventilation consists of the following main elements:

  • Fans - for forced air injection.
  • Heat - electrical water - for controlling the supply air temperature.
  • Filters, noise insulation elements, air ducts, control elements

Unit sections are mounted on galvanized steel or channel steel base frame for easy shipment and handling.

The frames provide holes for section connection, and holes for fork-lift truck. Guard rail cross the bottom in the holes prevents unit damage. The base frame can be used in lieu of concrete plinths or other additional bases that are used on site. However, for high static pressure application, additional concrete plinths or other additional bases are required at site to raise the AHU for drain pan’s U-trap.

The fan is made of high grade hot galvanized steel sheet. It is designed to a special configuration according to aerodynamics. It is coated in order to be anti-corrosive . Fan connection is isolated from unit casing by a flexible canvas duct mounted at fan discharge outlet. Fan and motor assembly is internally isolated from unit casing with rubber pad, furnished and installed in the factory.

Motors are mounted on slide rails with provision for V-belt tensioning. Motor can be moved freely in four directions to reach the correct point. Installation and maintenance of motor, belt and pulley are time saving jobs. Fan and motor assembly is mounted on a rigid base frame which is supported by effective rubber shock absorber. Discharge fan is provided with a fire retardant flexible connection.

Filter is aluminum alloy frame structure. Primary efficiency plate type filter is designed as standard. The structure of filters are stable and firm, high strength and intensity, washable and easy changing. Filter can be unloaded and loaded from both left and right side.