Rooftops - a powerful roof air conditioners for cooling and heating of shopping malls, large storage space, clubs and gyms. Using the Rooftops it is also possible to arrange ventilation c partial fresh air. Roof top advantage is the lack of need for laying of freon pipes, construction of unit – it’s a package, which mounted directly on the roof of the building, or near from wall.


  • A model range of roof conditioners with a power range of 22-105 kW;
  • High corrosion resistance of case panels (industrial steel with galvanization G-90), confirmed by ASTM A 653 tests;
  • High-quality copper pipelines in all components of the unit;
  • Highly efficient and reliable Scroll compressors manufactured by Copeland, Hitachi & Danfoss are used;
  • Built-in control board with the functions of control, self-diagnosis, protection, temperature control;
  • External port for checking refrigerant pressure (for connecting pressure gauges)