Console type indoor units provide uniform distribution of treated vozduschnogo flow in the room, directing a powerful stream of treated air along the walls on the 4 directions (up-down, left-right), thus avoiding direct contact with cold air to people, pets and plants. Indoor unit cantilever is placed vertically on the wall just above the floor.

Simple, stylish and compact unit cantilever harmoniously fit into any decor. Console units are designed to provide maximum ease of installation: easily removable front panel provides easy access to filters, refrigerant pipes and electrical connections. Compact and lightweight unit can be conveniently placed, for example, under the window instead of the battery.


Multisystem Midea DC-Inverter, with a free combination of indoor units are highly efficient, increased efficiency at partial load and accurate podderzhaniiem desired temperature in the rooms.

Outdoor units multi-split systems, DC-inverter manufactured in 5 standard sizes and allow you to create the best for each individual object set - "designer", together with a variety of types and models of indoor units.