Floor-standing Air Conditioners inverter

Column type (Floor-standing) air-conditioners installed in lobbies, restaurants, cash halls, shops and conference rooms, a large area. They are simple to install, create a powerful air flow directed by two rows of louvers, installed on the floor of the premises and appearance similar to the cabinet. They are used in areas where it is impossible to use the surface of walls and ceilings, and ceiling height up to 5 m, while on the floor there is a stock area. Lineup of floor-standing units –it’s a 4 models,  from 7 to 16 kW, each unit is controlled with individual or central control. DC-inverter compressor, as usually, it saves energy and make more flexible and accurace temperature control. With the help of air conditioners, can be floor-standing, to organize air heating because the indoor unit is equipped with a powerful E-heater th, which is required for 3-phase power supply.