Hydronic systems

Chillers - air-cooled outdoor units are, according to world practice, the most popular air conditioning systems with a heat carrier-liquid in the power range of 30-350 kW. Midea manufactures and supplies chillers based on Scroll-compressors, with built-in and remote hydronic module (for some models) and without it, only with axial fans, outdoor installation, with the additional ability to work for heating in the cold season. For a power range of 360-1500 kW, it is allowed to create modular unions (assemblies) of chillers, or use powerful machines based on a screw compressor. Additionally, you can order a number of options for chillers - control panels, flow switches, gateways and programs for central monitoring and control, selection programs.

Air-cooled chillers are designed to meet the high demands of the countries of Central Europe, America and Southeast Asia on technical and operational characteristics.

Hydronic Fan-coils - a device designed to cool or heat the air in the central air conditioning system, where liquid is used as a coolant. The principle of its operation is very simple: the cooled liquid is circulated through a heat exchanger which, in turn, is blown by the indoor air temperature is eventually reduced or increased depending on the mode of operation and the season. The main components are the fan coil heat exchanger, fan (with motor) and control system.

Chillers for industrial cooling liquid coolant used in refrigeration plants industrial and administrative facilities of large area and volume, as well as in industrial processes chemical, engineering, energy, space, and light industry. In connection with the expansion of the park server hardware, all modern data centers also use powerful chillers. In some cases, the same refrigerating machines are also used for frozen products (industrial cooling), an organization of objects ice and snow on the support surface.

Options for chillers - is pumping Hydronic Modules for external connection, additional controllers, central control program for a group of chillers, as well as mounting options: flow switch (relay), antivibration mountings, vibration dampers pipe, thermometers and manometers for  water pipes.

For fan coil options can be considered drainage pumps, removable panels, additional control systems.

The software is divided into control software  and software for the calculation and design systems. Separately presented diagnostic software for specialists in service and repair.