Wall-mounted indoor units are designed for mounting on the wall near the ceiling inside rooms. They are equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options to clean the air, are popular, as are convenient for installation and maintenance. Between series units may differ on the design panel, size, type of indicators, additional control functions and the air distribution.


Minimalistic design and smooth forms of the Midea Blanc indoor unit are suitable for any interior. The original relief of the sides of the block resembles the shape of a sea wave. The unit has a dual air purification system and a powerful airflow.

Multisystem Midea DC-Inverter, with a free combination of indoor units are highly efficient, increased efficiency at partial load and accurate podderzhaniiem desired room temperature.

Outdoor Units multi-split systems, DC-inverter manufactured in sizes 5's and allow you to create the best for each object set - "designer", together with a variety of types and models of indoor units.

The Ultimate Comfort series is positioned as the next generation of Midea split systems built on the “World Platform” - the Midea Global platform.