Wall-mounted indoor units are designed for mounting on the wall near the ceiling inside rooms. They are equipped with remote control, equipped with a variety of options to clean the air, are popular, as are convenient for installation and maintenance. Between series units may differ on the design panel, size, type of indicators, additional control functions and the air distribution.


Подача свіжого, очищеного повітря (OxygenFresh) з вулиці:
Блок здатний подавати до 60 м3/год очищеного повітря з вулиці, освіжаючи повітря у приміщенні.
Breezeless технології:
7928 міні-отворів з конічною структурою делікатно пом'якшують повітряний потік.
Три варіанти робочої потужності: 50%, 75% та 100% - на Ваш вибір.
Тиха нічна експлуатація (Quiet Operation):

Oasis Plus - an innovative series with advanced features and elegant design, a bright indicator on the panel.

Features of the series:

New ekolgichesky freon R32,
The ability to work on cooling at -25,
The ability to work on heating at -30C,
The new RG66,
Energy efficiency A +++,
The "intelligent eye" function,
In the outdoor unit there are installed heating elements (compressor + pallet),
The mini-chassis "Nordic",
Connector for connecting a WI-FI module.

The world's first air conditioner with two mini louvers. S-shaped side air outlets: increase efficiency in addition to front side air outlet louvers. Blinds with thousands of mini-works: 7928 mini-works are created in the slats of the blinds, breaking the general flow into separate “strings” and providing cooling without the “draft” effect, the blinds automatically adjust to one of three positions. Patented TwinFlap™ Technology: Equipped with two wide-angle vents designed for maximum cooling comfort.

The latest series with a classic design of the indoor unit, with a hidden LED display, with WI-FI READY function and a modern stylish remote control.

• Глянцевый гладкий пластик панели (специальная разработка Midea)
• Функция «Silence» максимально тихий режим работы без индикации
• Опция - Wi-Fi stick - для управления посредством Wi-Fi через роутер, из сети интернет, с помощью специальной программы для мобильного устройства
• Скрытый LED дисплей
• Авторестарт
• Самодиагностика
• Таймер 12 часов
• Ночной режим
• Гидрофильное покрытие теплообменника
• Функция “Follow Me”

Minimalistic design and smooth forms of the Midea Blanc indoor unit are suitable for any interior. The original relief of the sides of the block resembles the shape of a sea wave. The unit has a dual air purification system and a powerful airflow.