Training Center

In April 2013 in Kyiv started Learning Center Midea, which invites all interested to be trained for two main programs:

  • Installation and maintenance of residential air conditioners and air-conditioners series.

    It is intended for installers, specialists in service, installation and repair service centers, technical managers of newly established service centers, leading installation and service technicians HVAC companies wishing to start or develop a line of installation and maintenance, as well as service centers for air conditioning and HVAC equipment Midea
  • Features of the calculation, selection, installation, commissioning and diagnostics multizone (central freon) air conditioning systems Midea

    It is intended for designers. Project managers, service professionals leading HVAC companies wishing to start or develop a line of sales, installation and service of multi-zone VRF air conditioning systems  Midea

The purpose of training - training of specialists with specialized education and basic skills, with reference to the technical features of the air-conditioning equipment Idea, performing all possible procedures for commissioning, diagnostics and repair of air conditioning equipment. Certification of specialists after training and the availability of the Certificate allows you to get a competitive advantage in the market and increase the loyalty of the end customer, emphasize your professional experience in handling it in your company, or to a particular specialist.

Terms of training:

  • Please complete and submit the application form to conduct training (attached below)
  • Send completed forms to the address:
  • Arrival of students in Kiev (paid by yourself)
  • Accommodation and meals in Kyiv 4 nights, 5 days (paid by yourself)
  • Training conditions - check with a relevant specialist
  • Dates - as a complete set of educational groups
Enter a model number, for example: SMA-07HRN1