Other appliances


All modern automatic washing machine according to the type of laundry load in the drum fall into "frontal" and "vertical". In the apparatus of the first type clothes loaded through a hatch on the front panel. A second type of machine it falls on top - generally offer all the top panel, and in the drum has a special hole for things, which, of course, closed.

The company Midea prioizvodit wide range of models of washing machines with the latest technologies to satisfy the needs of any consumer.

All refrigerators manufactured by Midea, have a very stylish and "futuristic" design. The model number of the company have several series of refrigerators: a series with a smooth surface, a series of "freshness", a series of low-power, "family" series, etc.

The electric heating wire (boiler) is a round water heater, it seems that, for some reason, the electric heating element is heated to the temperature set by the thermostat (35-85 ° C) and is over 2-3 years old. Yak tilki water has a temperature of 0.5 ° C-1 ° C, heating automatically switches on. This mode allows robots to save energy and electricity and set the water temperature.