Midea "CCU MCCU" series

Wide range of Midea products combines innovative technology with elegant design.

The main advantage of condensing unit MIDEA is their versatility, they can be connected to the freon heat exchangers majority on the market today modular central air conditioners or one-piece air handling units. Turn on or off the compressor by means of the signal generated by automatic supply installation.

To connect the condensing unit to the heat exchanger Freon supply installation company MIDEA provides optional connection kit, which includes a filter drier, sight glass and thermostatic expansion valve. Dehydrating filter for removing impurities from the refrigerant, and moisture. With sight glass can be estimated: the state of the refrigerant and quantity. Thermostatic expansion valve is a throttling device, it adjusts the amount of refrigerant supplied from the condensing unit to the DX coil central air conditioner or air-supply plant.

Condensing unit with air-cooled condenser is designed to be installed outside the building - on the roof or the surrounding area. It can also be installed on the outer wall of a building by means of mounting brackets.

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