Systems DC-Inverter 25-50 kW modular

Outdoor units VRF systems are a key element of such systems in terms of their characteristics are formed or that performance, extent highways, energy efficiency, reliability and cost of installation for systems as a whole.

Idea offers a wide range of outdoor units of various types, with capacity from 25 to 264 kilowatt in this series of modular systems, with options for the use of residential and office buildings, warehouses, large offices, cafes and shops. Manufacturers use only new and effective technological solutions, quality control at all stages of production, versatile tests of reliability and efficiency. For the proper selection and installation of the blocks, use the program selection VRF systems. Modular systems allow you to connect pipes large extent, with the scale height difference. Such systems also have advanced electronic control system.


The new version of the multizone system developed in 2017 significantly surpasses previous generations in several ways at once:

Outdoor units of the VRF V4 + system with vertical air discharge and the ability to adjust external static fan pressure.

The modular principle of connecting blocks to obtain the required performance. Lineup 25.2, 28, 33.5, 40, 45kW. The maximum power of the module from 4 blocks is 180 kW. The principle of a free combination of power blocks in a module.

Two overall standard sizes: for blocks 25.2 and 28kW, and for blocks 33.5, 40, 45kW, are presented in the updated compact design.

V4+K series achieved world’s largest capacity of 72HP by combining maximum 4 outdoor units with 6 different capacities. (8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18HP), and 64 indoor units can be connected max.

V4+ K Series realized the industry's top class energy efficiency with cooling and heating COP by adoption of Brushless Reluctance DC compressor control, DC Fan motor and improved heat exchanger performance with a new design.

The main area of ​​application of the blocks in this series is the creation of high-power air conditioning systems in high-rise buildings and at facilities where long length of mains, increased reliability, redundancy, the possibility of building up, high efficiency is required.

This series is the further technical development of the MDV-V4 Plus Modular series and has the following features:

Maximum capacity of indoor units 64 to 130% of outdoor units "may be combined into a single cooling system. It is especially suitable for office buildings, hotels, apartments, waiting rooms, hospitals and so forth.