Midea Oasis Plus OP-12N8E6-I /OP-12N8E6-O air conditioner

Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)
Midea Oasis Plus MSOPBU-12HRFN8-Q (OP-12N8E6-I)

Suggested retail price

26 580,-hrv.

Main functions

Midea AC 1W Standby feature
2-way Draining
24-hour timer
3-minute protection feature
Anti-Cold Air Function
Anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger
Automatic operation of the horizontal blinds
Automatic operation of the blinds (in the vertical plane)
Chassis Heating Belt
Easy to clean panel
Effective drainage
Follow Me
IR Remote Control
LED display
Low noise level
Night Mode
Refrigerant Leakage Detect
Self-cleaning function
Self-diagnosis function
Turbo mode
Wide angle airflow
WiFi Module
Carbon air filter
High Density filter
The central group control panel
Wired Remote Control
Silver Ion filter
The Vitamin C filter

Operating ambient temperatures

Cooling mode
- 25
... + 50 °C
Heating mode
- 30
... + 30 °C

Eurovent Certified2017 g model line of Midea equipment, namely the split-system series Blanc, Mission, Ultimate Comfort, Oasis Plus have successfully passed the test for compliance with a number of technical parameters, according to Eurovent standards.

This fact confirms the high quality of the products and full compliance with the expectations of customers all over the world, as the company produces air conditioners for all major world markets, offers sales and service support through its distribution network on all continents. Only the most famous and popular world manufacturers of air conditioners provided their products for certification in the laboratory Eurovent, which carefully analyze a range of characteristics and conduct critical test kits for compliance with the declared factory parameters of devices.

Data on products certified by Eurovent are available for viewing on the Internet at: www.eurovent-certification.com


    Blue Fin

    Blue fin heat exchanger cover - Protection against corrosion. Special anti-corrosion coating of the heat exchanger, protection from atmospheric phenomena and effects of aggressive environment. May differ in color (have blue, green, gold or no color at all (clear varnish)


    The "Silence" - air conditioning reduces the fan speed of the indoor unit to a minimum, with the noise of the air conditioner as well reduced.

    Super Cool

    The remote control RG70 on the Midea Blanc air conditioner has a unique Super button. With only a single click of this button, the fan inside the air conditioner will run at a high speed to deliver a super powerful air flow, quickly lowering the room temperature to 17°C.

    Vector airflow

    The latest aerodynamic research has allowed to optimize the design of the air path, and in combination with high performance of the fan, the OP air conditioner can create a powerful directional air beam that will evenly cool (or warm) even the most remote places in the room. At the same time, excellent noise characteristics are provided - 16dB at low speed

    Built-in infrared Sensor

    BuilT-in infrared Sensor - a human presence sensor.

    It detects the presence of a person in the room, and if the people in the room long absence, the air conditioner automatically switches to "Waiting".

    With the return of the people in the room work "Auto-Restart" and air conditioner will restart in the same mode set with the remote control.


    Photo sensetive

    The light sensor located under the front panel allows you to control the level of light in the room. If the illumination begins to decrease, then the brightness of the display on the indoor unit will also start decreasing stepwise, and disappear completely in 5-7 seconds after the light disappears. When the light is on, the glow of the indicators will resume.

    Compresor DC inverter

    Compressor with inverter DC can increase the efficiency of the air conditioner, thus reducing power consumption saves your costs. This system is much more economical and safer than air conditioners with a constant output of the compressor.

    Outdoor unit design "Brilliant"

    Designers Midea did not forget about the exterior of the exterior unit of the air conditioner, which in itself is a rarity for climate technology. The outdoor unit is much more elegant than its counterparts, it has facets like a diamond, and attention to detail speaks of a high level of production and a carefully thought-out design concept.

    Night Mode

    Mode is activated with the remote control and provides a comfortable environment for a peaceful and deep sleep during the 7-hour cycle with a temperature change of reference values​​, as well as setting the minimum noise level and economical energy consumption. After that, the temperature returns to the originally specified value.

    Refrigerant Leakage Detect

    Its a electronical function of Main PCB and self-diagnostic system into AC.

    When pipe-temperature sensor at inlet line of evaporator will indicate highest temperature, system will indicate "EC" code in a display of indoor units, its mean "ask for service centre for visit maintance team with leakage detectors and tools"

    Ozone-friendly freon R32

    The new refrigerant R32 (difluoromethane) has significant advantages. First of all, it concerns the potential of global warming (GWP). If we compare the highly popular R410A refrigerant with R32, the latter differs by more than 65% of the GWP reduced. It follows that the environment is less affected by the new refrigerant. Also, R32 is characterized by reduced viscosity and density. Due to the lower density, the freon consumption is reduced, taking into account the same power figures. The density of difluoromethane is almost 30% less than that of R410A.

    Cooling at + 50°C / Heating at -30°C

    The technology "Inverter Quattro", refrigerant R32, as well as the heater of the crankcase of the compressor and pallet of the outdoor unit allow us to confidently use the air conditioners of some series for heating at -30°C, and in the cooling mode up to + 50°C. Optimum operation algorithms allow smooth switching of the compressor power and speed of the fans of the indoor and outdoor fans, creating comfortable conditions for the user.

    Low Ambient Cooling

    Low-temperature (season) set - used for the operation of the air conditioner in cooling mode at low ambient temperatures (usually provided in the air conditioner as an optional feature). The kit includes: the controller of the outdoor unit fan motor, compressor crankcase heater and heater drain line.

    In some series of inverter split systems this option is implemented in hardware and software, thus if there is a need to use the air conditioner in the winter for cooling, you must install only drain the heater.

    Maintaining temperature +8°С

    Protection against freezing of the room, maintaining the temperature of +8°C.

    The control system of air conditioners can keep the room air temperature +8°C, so as not to cool the walls and freeze the water pipe. It is actual to use for summer residences, garages or if you leave on leave in the winter, and the constant warming up of a premise to a comfortable temperature is not required. At the same time, the air conditioner consumes less electricity, because the temperature difference between the street / room is also reduced.

    Crankcase Heater

    To prevent the compressor's hydraulic impact, when the split system is in operation, in the cold season (at negative outdoor temperatures), an electric TEN is installed. The heating element is turned on when the compressor is stopped and does not allow condensed liquid freon in the oil in the compressor crankcase.

    Dry Mode

    Dry mode automatically selects cooling, based on the difference between fixed and temparaturoy actual room temperature. The temperature is regulated while reducing humidity repeated switching on and off of the cooling and ventilation only. when the dry mode on the remote control shows "Drop"


    Tthe «Turbo» function - when you turn on this mode, air conditioning provides the most rapid cooling or heating, to create comfortable conditions in the shortest possible time.


    Self-cleaning mode. Depending on the series, this mode is activated either automatically when the air conditioner is turned off (the blinds are closed on the indoor unit, but the fan continues to work for another 10 ~ 15 minutes by ventilating and drying the heat exchanger), or forcefully when it is activated from the remote control.


    The Sensor "INTELLECTUAL EYE", "sees" the presence of people in the room, which allows you to effectively direct the air flow either to the area of people's location or away from people on the basis of a wish (installed on the remote control). The infrared sensor will determine your location. In addition, if you are away for a long time - then the air conditioner turns off, and when you come back - it will turn on again.

    Follow Me

    "Follow Me" feature

    When this function is enabled on the remote control, the control unit of the indoor unit will receive data about the temperature in the room from the temperature sensor installed in the remote control, which allows you to more precisely control the operation of the air conditioner, reaching the set mode in the area where the remote control is in the room. The range of the signal from the console does not exceed 8 m. in a straight line "remote - indoor unit".

    Multi-Bend Heat Exchanger

    Increased heat. This unit uses the heat exchangers with tubes of a special design, the inner surface of which has trapezoidal notches "Innergrove cooper", which provides maximum heat transfer surface area increased. Due to this heat increases by 28%, reduced power consumption, and hence increases the efficiency of the system.

    Sine-Wave Inverter

    Technology 180° -gradusnogo wave inverter conversion - control voltage without the "pulse" effects (jagged sinusoid).

    Compared with the current standard of 120° rectangular wave has the following advantages:

    1. Ability to work with a wider range of supply voltage and frequency.
    2. Most of the energy efficiency and energy conservation.
    3. More soft start, lower noise and vibration.
    4. more control.

    Smart sensor technology

    Smart sensor technology determines not only the temperature, but also the humidity in the room, you can also choose the mode of dehumidification Power / Normal, or set a comfortable level of humidity in the range of 30-90%. The configuration is carried out using the application Midea-Air App, through a home network Wi-Fi.

    Gear Control

    Using the "Gear Control" function, you can adjust the electricity consumption of the air conditioner by forcing the value in 50%, 75% or 100% of the power.

    Limiting the capacity of the system will save energy and "fit" into the limit of power consumption, if necessary.

    Wide angle air flow

    The vertical louvers of Midea air conditioners swing at an angle of 110° (ordinary air conditioners only swing at 80°), while the horizontal louvers swing at 120° (ordinary air conditioners only swing at 90°). These more flexible louvers provide cooling which is wider and more even.

    The Indoor Unit

    Model Name
    Power Options, V/Hz/Ph

    Power, kW

    Cooling Power
    ... 4.820
    Heating Capacity
    ... 7.200

    Power consumption, kW

    ... 1.960
    ... 2.630

    Energy Efficiency Class

    А+++ at +2°С; А+++ at -7°С; А+ at -15°С

    Energy Efficiency Ratio

    SEER (cooling mode)
    SCOP (heating mode)
    ... 4.20
    Air flow rate, m³/h
    ... 230
    Sound Pressure Level, dB(A)
    ... 21.00
    Sound Power Level, dB(A)

    Diameter Pipes, mm


    Dimensions(WxHxD), mm

    Without Package
    x 298
    x 248
    in Multiples
    x 345
    x 370

    Weight, kg

    Net Weight
    Gross Weight

    The outdoor Unit

    Model Name
    Compressors Type


    Freon Type
    Freon Weight, kg
    0.87, kg
    Power Options, V/Hz/Ph
    Air flow rate, m3/h
    Sound Pressure Level, dB(A)
    Sound Power Level, dB(A)
    Min length of main line, m
    Max length of main line, m
    Max vertical drop, m

    Dimensions(WxHxD), mm

    Without Package
    x 554
    x 333
    in Multiples
    x 615
    x 390

    Weight, kg

    Net Weight
    Gross Weight