Mini-Systems VRF DC-Inverter 8-16 kW

Outdoor units VRF systems are a key element of such systems on the basis of their characteristics are formed or that performance, extent of highways, energy efficiency, reliability and installation costs for the systems as a whole.

Midea offers a wide range of outdoor units of different types, with a capacity of 8 to 16 kW-in this series of Mini VRF systems, for applications for residential apartments, houses, small offices, cafes and shops. The manufacturer shall apply only to new and effective technological solutions, quality control at all stages of production, versatile tests of reliability and efficiency.


The range of equipment to create small systems - small-scale shop or office. Load Range (the sum of the indices of indoor units) available from 45 to 120%. For Mini VRF MDV systems manufactured by technology Full DC-Inverter, possible to use a central console CCM02 c followed by the withdrawal of at BMS, or a computer program to analyze energy consumption.
In 2015, deliveries will start Mini VRF MDV systems manufactured by technology «Full DCInverter». The lineup presented outdoor units with a capacity of 8-16 kW, voltage 220V / 1F and 380 / 3F.