The range of Midea chillers has been updated!


In the current year, a new model range of chillers MWVC_B-FB3H was released, it includes twelve models working only for cooling, with a capacity of 2110 ~ 4571 kW.

The range of high capacity centrifugal chillers with inverter compressors is an important part of Midea's climate control equipment.

The main components are made by renowned world manufacturers, or are unique patented products of Midea.

The horizontal inverter compressor provides two-stage refrigerant compression, which increases the operating efficiency by 6%. The two impellers are opposed, so the axle load is even and the rotation speed is reduced. This increases the service life. The efficiency of the electric motor is 95.5%, the range of rotation frequency adjustment is 120–300 Hz. The engine is cooled with a coolant.

Models are equipped with advanced continuous falling film evaporators. They inject refrigerant into the top of the chamber and form a film on the surface, so evaporation is 8% faster than a conventional shell and tube evaporator. The total amount of refrigerant in the system is reduced by 40%. The chillers are equipped with an economizer, which increases productivity and energy efficiency.

The intelligent control system MIC (Midea Intelligent Control) is equipped with a communication port for connection to control systems of engineering equipment of the facility using the MODBUS-RTU protocol or other network protocols that provide ample opportunities for remote control, monitoring and diagnostics.

Advanced technologies have made it possible to achieve very high energy efficiency of inverter centrifugal chillers: the EER value reaches 6.56.